im home alone im tired axious i am tired of going on here and noone 1. likes to answer my messages or 2. doesnt have the decency of messaging me on my own idc that much but its been getting to me sighs ive been trying to keep in contact with u guys but if u dont want to no more thats fine



:( i\'m so sorry.....these journal entries are making me sad. just knowing i was back from my trip on the 22nd/23rd. and i didn\'t even have the decency to come on to say hi. makes me pissed at myself. i\'m sorry....I\'m here now. and i won\'t be leaving. :)
Its true what you say though..because part of the reason i haven\'t been on is because I don\'t see many ppl online or sending me messages or such.

.... *bear hug* hehe...feel a little better? at least the very tiniest bit?