Living life is harsh b/c of vertigo!!!

Vertigo can be so frustrating... I'm sooo tired of it!!! I went to the movies on July 4th w/my mom to see Monte Carlo, & we had to end up leaving before it was over (second time in my life) I ended up throwing up in public (I always hate when that happens to me) by the time I got home I ad thrown up at least 5 times. After that incident w/the movies I was in bed for almost 3 wks solid w/ going out maybe 2 or 3 times for an hr or two after that happened. Finally, I started feeling better one night, so I went to lunch w/my parents the next day & got super sick again staying in bed for the rest of the day & the next day tho I was feeling better I was just really exhausted (our waiter thought I was mad at him b/c he relayed the message that they no longer served fries which if I was mad at anyone it was the owner of the restaraunt, but in reality I had the startings ofvertigo). Thankfully I was able to go to the movies w/my dad , but I had to push it to the very last day we probably be able to see that movie b/c of his schedule for work. When stuff like that happens it makes me have anxiety attacks about going out in public which in turn makes me get vertigo. Haven't seen my friends in months it's b/c I don't want to burden them if I get vertigo w/them. I have plans w/a friend for my b-day in 3 wks now I'm praying that I'll be fine. Funny thing when I get around my family I might not be 100%, but I tend to do better then when I'm with my friends (all I can figure out is in my head their my family they have to put up w/my vertigo my friends don't).
I've had this all my life, & it seems that I can't figure out the triggers. All during school til I started home schooling I got sick, so often then when I started homeschooling I barely got sick when I started college got sick some, but not that often when I got my first job I still got sick some, but not til a yr later did they get really bad b/c I was dealing w/bright lights on a daily basis then I was laid off (b/c she was closing the doors, but she was a good boss considering I got sick a lot) I got better for like the first yr give or take a few months then they started to get more & more frequent, after 2 yrs of having no job I got really bad started having  worse anxiety attacks then I was having which seems to make the vertigo worse (now I barely leave the house hardly ever see my friends. One of my friends when she lived here seemd to  help me see them more b/c she was patient w/me). I wish there was a cure.