Live To Tell: The Year We Disappeared

Guy's still knocking at the back door, not going away and I remember thinking, "What am I going to do?" The first thing I had to do was protect those children and make it look as though they weren't home. And if there was entry into the house, that I was the only one in the residence. I walked over to the window, which is right beside the door. And at that moment, the guy pulled out a police badge. He said he was a Falmouth Police officer and that he was here to watch over John Busby's family. CYLIN: We heard Kelli say, "He's a cop. It's OK. You can come down." And then once we heard that, we were like, "OK. It's safe." KELLIE: Throughout the evening, more police officers showed up to watch the home. And at that point, I realized that it just wasn't gonna be OK the next day. POLLY: They were trying to get an airway down; they couldn't get it down so they started to give him morphine and then I heard somebody say "He won't go down - we can't get him to relax and get the airway in." One of the officers behind me - and I think it was Rick Smith - he said, we have somebody at the house with the kids, we've got somebody there and others en route and you could just see John just relax. pop over here

LIVE: It's official: Yeddyurappa announces return to BJP by mid-January

12:05 More on Yeddy's return to the fold: The first stumbling block for the BJP in Delhi was Ananth Kumar, who was coaxed by BJP president Rajnath Singh for his consent in the larger interest of the party in Karnataka. Kumar was asked to convey this to his supporters in Karnataka that the induction of Yeddyurappa into the BJP was is in the interest of the party and he had no objection to it. 12:03 And so it begins. There's a protest outside Arvind Kejriwal's home against reservations for Jats. 12:00 LIVE: It's official: Yeddyurappa announces return to BJP by mid-January : So, the prodigal returns. Former Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurappa has made it official - he will join the BJP soon. Speaking at a function at his hometown in Shikaripura in Shimoga, Karnataka, Yeddyurppa said that he has decided to return to the BJP. He also pointed out that he would merge his Karnataka Janata Party with the BJP. Yeddyurappa had earlier pointed out that he would ally with the BJP, but later that decision was reversed. He said some formalities were left and that would be completed very soon, with a formal rejoining around the middle of January. The biggest stumbling block for the return of Yeddyurappa was L K Advani. her explanation