Live streaming multi-media

Throughout the first quarter of 2009, Apple filed completely new specs for a brand new technologies which would enable live streaming multi-media directly to the iPhone and iPod Touch using HTTP protocols. In plain English, this implies which Apple has taken note on 3rd party corporations are making Live Television accessible to iPhone and iPod Touch users and it became a very popular feature. Apple’s move appears to indicate there may be a brand new application in the making which would allow current Apple clients to access live TV in their mobile phone over  live tv streaming .

The question many experts are asking is how far is this going to cost consumers? Experts from Personal Computer World Magazine fear that Apple will charge consumers the cost of this new application. An application to download live Television programming likely will cost consumers around $15 to $35 per month. That is right a month!”. Is this worth it? Why pay another TV bill whenever you probably already pay a satellite Television or cable bill at home? what’re the alternatives? With a brand new application for a live TV, Apple will basically lock clients wanting to watch Live Television in their iPhone or iPod touch in a cost.putchannel-300x60.png

As of today, there are serious contenders that allow Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch owners to watch for free programming for free or at a minimal cost. Big TV networks have invested in making their live programming accessible for iPhone and iPod Touch users. CBS was the most recent network to join the Web for iPhone frenzy back in July 2009. Now, you can watch Star Trek, CSI, Gossip Girl, on your own iPhone or iPod Touch free of. If you have not taken advantage of this free services, you are missing out”, explains Roger Mason from Toys for Techs. Watch Free Live Television Programming on your iPhone or iPod Touch