Liberals Investment Drives Teslas Survival

Vodafone should be awash with cash after agreeing to sell its 45 percent stake in U.S. mobile operator Verizon Communications Inc. to Verizon for $130 billion in cash. The investment plan came as the company reported a profit attributable to shareholders of 17.95 billion pounds in the half year to end-September, in contrast to a loss of 1.98 billion during the same period last year.

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This version of green capitalism might be justified if it delivered the public goods it promises. Teslas trickle-down business plan calls for sales of expensive early models to pave the way for an everyman electric vehicle later this decade. But even if widely adopted, Teslas would have little impact on climate change as long as drivers have to charge their vehicles from a coal- and natural gas-fired U.S. electric grid. In May, JPMorgan Chase analysts calculated that the Model Ss annual fossil fuel footprint is bigger than that of a Honda Civic hybrid .