Leonardo Dicaprio's 3rd Time Attempt To Visit India

Not surprisingly, Leonardo who is widely appreciated in India has relooked once again to visit India soon. He recently said in a press statement, "I http://journals.fotki.com/damioneaei/my-blog/entry/wgktgkrtrsrgt/ plan to visit India soon" just before the release date of his next, the Wolf of Wall street was delayed by over a month. Now scheduled to release on 25th December, the film follows the real life incident of Stelfort, a http://journals.fotki.com/gerryavvd/my-blog/entry/wktswfkwtkbkg/ famous uprise and fall of a wall street stock broker who used fraudulent methods to rise to the top. While many would assume, that Leo might visit for his film promotions. Its actually a different strategy altogether. While the film releases in India on 25th, Leo will only visit view India, come first week of January. This move blog url comes in with a purpose to get Leonardo to meet the nations most promising entrepreneurs. Full story: http://www.indiaglitz.com/channels/hindi/article/101018.html