Legal Sea Foods head says no to genetically modified salmon

Put Legal Sea Food Items president - Food To Lose Weight - Roger Berkowitz within the skeptics camp in the event it arrives in order to genetically modified seafood.After information the FDA features approved genetically altered salmon, Berkowitz described himself like a purist at heart and also until proven otherwise, Ill remain skeptical regarding whether these fish are perfectly OK in order to eat.AdvertisementI wouldn't serve it in our restaurants, as Im personally not necessarily convinced regarding its influence on our bodies, both long- or perhaps short-term, he had been quoted saying in an e-mail interview Thursday night.Berkowitz indicated hes torn about the question, proclaiming that fish are usually healthy, protein-rich food, therefore providing more fish through genetic modified fish would be a great thing.So [its] certainly an appealing development within the science involving food, as well as Ill become watching along with great interest from the sidelines. Simply dont be ready to see genetically modified fish on the Legal Sea foods menu, he explained simply by e-mail.FDA approves the actual sale of genetically modified salmonFederal regulators about Thursday approved any Massachusetts biotechnology companys bid in order to modify salmon with regard to human consumption.The FDA found that the particular controversial gene-altering procedure to create salmon develop faster, created in recent many years by simply AquaBounty Technologies involving Maynard, makes the fish no much less nutritious or perhaps safe to take than every other Atlantic salmon.The FDA provides thoroughly analyzed as well as evaluated the information . . . along with determined they possess achieved the regulatory needs for approval, such as that meals from your fish is safe in order to eat, Bernadette Dunham, director with - - the agencys center regarding Veterinary Medicine, said inside a prepared statement.David Abel is available at Comply With him in Twitter @davabel.