Legal Help, when you think your lawyer is dragging his feet?

Here are some facts. The $350 for the counter suit, is most likely the court costs to file a counter suit. That does not include your lawyer fees, which most likely charged per hour. For every hour your lawyer works on this case, he charges you. Be it, by talking to the other lawyer, talking to you, doing pleadings, etc, it adds up,,,,,,,,,very fast. IF, he had filed a counter suit, then the judge would know, since, it has to be filed at the court and the judge signs off on the counter suit. My guess is that this was not done. There are time frames, when you can file anything, so, could have gone too long, or, the lawyer may have felt better not to.NO lawyer can request a specific court date or day to have a case heard, (unless) it is an emergency hearing. If so, then no one would be able to schedule a court date, due to some many requests, and be chaotic. When a date is set, it is done by the court and told when it is set. In one court in my state, (Indiana), they only hear divorce cases on Monday. So it appears that this court only hears cases of your type on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My husband a lawyer of over 40 years, can have a case set and there also could be 3 others set at the same time. He is either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. So if he is 2nd and the 1st cancels or gets continued, he is next in line.The only thing that I question, is that since your lawyer was unable to be at that court hearing, due to another conflict, that he should have gotten the case continued, so he could be there to represent you, and not you alone. But, over the years, my husband had conflicts, in some cases, where he was supposed to be in 2 different - Abogados expertos en SUCESIONES caballito - courts with 2 different cases AT THE SAME TIME, and 1 judge wont budge and tell him he must be in 1 court vs the other.If you feel this lawyer is not doing a good job, then file a complaint. Per your profile, shows IL. think to go to the bar association, but they will do nothing. You need to file with the disciplinary division, and if your complaint is valid, they can take away your lawyers license and he cant practice law.But, based on your question and all of your $numbers of money owed to each other, my feeling is your lawyer is doing his best, and in the end, you could pay out more to your lawyer for legal fees going back and forth, vs settling this case with your sister. The lawyer may realize that if you end up paying him $20,000 for $2,000 more, who are you going to be upset with? Him or your sister?More divorces drag for years, when no one can agree or just get pig headed. Seriously, agree on a - Abogados sucesiones en capital federal - number, pay it and move on. href='' - - - -