Leave Debt

Time for another credit card debt report. Time just flies by so quick. And the credit card balances go down so gradually. I can see why the pledges of bankruptcy and financial obligation settlement are so appealing. They promise to have you debt complimentary in months and not years like it takes when you pay it off by yourself.

I've checked out debt settlement however not bankruptcy. I would not qualify for financial obligation settlement since I can stay up to date with my charge card payments in the meantime anyways.

My income increased practically $900 from last month which was a nice welcome surprise. It's good to get a bunch of $200+ checks from many companies every month. Now if just I might get them up to $300 and $400 a month from each company, that would double my income and I could pay off my financial obligations much faster.

Expenses credit card debt (simply click the up coming document) help (have a peek at this site) were $5195. When we spent more than we made, April expenses were $5585 so we did better here this month but we are still in the red from the month prior to. Tough to get from debt when that takes place.

It's hard understanding that your income and costs can fluctuate monthly because you work for yourself however I would not have it any other method. I do not like having an employer at all. I like having the freedom of having the ability to see all my kids games without missing one due to work.

USAA $1,776.12.
AT&T Universal Card $8,223.18.
Discover Card $8,883.78.
Bank Of America $15,275.45.
Chase $13,219.96

If I desired to, Chase sent me a great letter saying I might avoid a payment this month. How nice and thoughtful of them. Yes, we'll still charge you about $150 a month in finance charges on your $13k balance but sure proceed and skip a payment. We're here to assist you!

So I sent them a good payment of $300.

Overall credit card debt as of June 3rd, 2009: $47378.49

Total charge card debt as of April 4th, 2009: $48064.93

Total credit card debt began with: $62124 Feb 2008

And now let's take an appearance at my other debts.

$ 7712 IRS Tax Debt, paid off $1000. IRS approved my payment strategy and it begins June 28th. $250 a month until it's settled.

$ 7713.58 Auto Loan - Original balance $11,000. Made 2 payments up until now, 46 to go ... I hate vehicle payments.

And then the student loans whatever they are. Around $38,000.