Leather cushion

Hello, Jesper here again with another leather project!After we put up new wallpaper in our apartment I wanted to do over our hallway sitting furniture. I love this piece of furniture. It's perfect to sit on and tie your shoes, and store gloves and stuff under the cushion and in the boxes.I painted the furniture white and my girlfriend painted two more layers. I then got to work on the cushion.English isn't my first language, so I apologize if there's any incorrect grammar or spelling.Step 1: Tools, materials and ideasI took a picture of the tools I used in this project. What isn't show in the picture is a rag and two different sponges used for dyeing.An acquaintance was getting rid of his leather sofa and two chairs. I stripped the sofa and one of the chais for leather. I also used bits from a leather cushion i got from my aunt.I scrapped down ideas for design and measurements in a notepad.