Learn Piano Online For Fun

If you move the whole shape of your hand along two notes to the left, you will play the chord A minor. Your thumb will be on A, your middle finger on C and your little finger on E. Play this for a while, then alternate between the chords of C and A minor.


A chord is simply a group of 3 or more notes that when played together make a complete sound. When this sound is played rhythmically, and chords used in a particular sequence, a background sound is created that can support a melody (the main tune) or lyrics (vocals).

You got to practice with every hand independently. Begin with the simplest hand first, which is your left hand, and then practice with your other hand. You need to spend more and more time practicing with each hand independently before you begin with actual practice.

You have to realize that you won't be able to make someone learn piano overnight. It must contain proper and organized arrangements. If you hurry on this you may get discouraged as well as your students. In order to see how much has been achieved, you have to set goals. When piano lessons undergo those bumpy patches, it can be handy in keeping things on the positive side.

A lot of pianists have come to decide of teaching piano lessons to individuals of all age groups. Others perform this task as their major profession. Some of them do this just for enjoyment because they are already retired to their jobs. They find happiness in teaching piano lessons to their students and seeing them learn efficiently under their instruction. By finding good books on the internet, you will be able to know different ways on how to teach piano lessons efficiently.

Verticals has more of an upright look to them and are often placed near a wall. Grand pianos has a wing type shape to them and are generally placed in a spacious area. Electronic keyboards are easily placed just about anywhere. trung tâm dạy đàn ở tân phú can offer some neat features.

Now that you feel comfortable with a guitar in your arms, find some guitar music theory course(s) and study of the fundamentals. There are wonderful books on the basics. Study the basics of reading sheet music.