Leaked press shot of new HTC One (2014) flip covers show off a trio of color options

12.Leonis(Posts: 129; Member since: 08 Jan 2014)Ohh.. do you think this will be the ONLY case with regard to HTC 1 2? Presently there will be at least 100 really good seeking cases in case you never similar to this one buddy.sapphire glass can easily even now shatter man. Its just more scratch resistant however in the event you drop it, it will shatter similar to every other glass. And Also why do you believe folks buy an asian cams case? Its with regard to protection from drops and scratches. not many people actually have got it bare naked just for your looks. Thats why there are consequently many cases for any models now a new days. Leaked press shot of latest HTC 1 (2014) flip insures flaunt a trio involving color options