League Of Angels Strategy Guide

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3 barrow six brothers (PPC) specific base League of Angels (I) slayer dart Slayer ahrim except by playing away from dart five brothers, even karil, their magic defense is incredibly low, so simple. If the combat hit with high enough to experience karil. 90att suggest league of angels code super + + super att above STR. (ii) or wind blast wave horses As with the slayer dart game actually, but to make use of another spell, based on the statistics, the slayer dart is informal easier. Magicks acient (iii) Use ice burst, blitz, brothers, league of angels code barrage play first cast 1 times, he can play many burst with 3 x, barrage blitz 6 times, after 4x, much less expensive freeze again, he admits, machine, in this case, karil with league of angels code hit. (iv) cannon What is the most easily, then set a cannon etc. He died in underground slowly, fresh fruits, the outer lining is just not so have coped cannon set plane! Don't know what department have coped? You know, the words. But will play well slow, as the d league of angels code brother against good high