Lead times and how they can be achieved while shipping

There is a slight among the freight forwarders and clearing agents. Many people do not know this and so that they confuse them to be the same. Though, both deals with shipping to Guyana and other countries however roles are different even with the shipping process. While a freight forwarder Miami determines how the goods move from one place to another, the means of transportation, the warehouse it will stay and the lead time it will take. The clearing agent deals mostly with the paper works, the documentation as required by different customs of various ports and countries. The freight forwarder can employ the services of a clearing agent and sometimes can do both, this does not mean that they are the same.


Some freight forwarders function as the clearing agents, because of their years of experience and the relationship they've developed with various customs of the world.
In many companies that deal with freight international services, they've personnel that deal with these sections separately and not just an individual doing the two. What happens in most case that you see as freight forwarder also functioning as a clearing agent is because it is an individual business. Companies do not operate that way, as much as it is good to work with an individual freight forwarder especially with a low price, with a good way of packaging your goods, you should be sure of his or her networks and connection.


Such a person should have been recommended by an organization that uses them for you, so that you will not have issues working with them. Unlike individuals, many companies are structured and so meet the requirement of their clients because of the great structure that they possess. Any freight forwarder whether a company or an individual that is poor in packaging should not be used.

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