| Laura's Haven | Uk Lifestyle Blog: Review: Do Raspberry Ketones Work?

Today (the last day), I weigh 2lb less than I did on the first day. However, throughout the two weeks, my weight did fluctuate around 3lb my starting weight (both over and under on different days). This is quite normal for me and while my finishing weight is on the lower end of what I'd consider a normal variation for myself, it is still within my usual limits - no dramatic drop of the pounds for me! My measurements are also largely the same as they are all within half an inch of my starting measurements (they do tend to change depending on if I've overindulged on Dominos or burgers). I feel that the best part of the raspberry ketones was the slight appetite suppressant I felt. Please visit http://www.laurashaven.com/2014/05/review-do-raspberry-ketones-work.html for more facts and figures.