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Most of these Latino entities that are tanking tend to be relatively conservative. Because, you know, they're afraid to offend mami and papi. So they take zero to no risks producing or promoting over-the-top content. The stuff that tends to go viral.Csar VargasWriter, director, activist, and social media strategist.To those of you who aspire to be leaders, remember: If you espouse these principles, if you're a brand 'ambassador,' if you're a spineless politician, if you're facilitating the misguidance, exploitation and destruction of your own, you're no leader. You're a fraud.Csar VargasWriter, director, activist, and social media strategist.Being Latino is not a crutch. Society keeps telling us it is. I'm telling - - you it's not. Believe in yourself. Pass it on to your family, your friends, your children, and society.Csar VargasWriter, director, activist, and social media strategist.Unfortunately, we'll have to join the Dark Side for now if we don't want to be marginalized.Csar VargasWriter, director, activist, and social media strategist.Too often, says Puerto Rican singer Ivy Queen, Latin artists overlook their LGBT fans. To show her support of this fan base frequently forgotten by he...Pollo Del MarDrag queen on the SF social, political, editorial and fundraising sceneIn recent years, our members have turned to the Internet to tell the stories that are often ignored by the media. But the court decision will now make it harder for our members to tell those stories since ISPs like Verizon can now block Web content and sites that are relevant to our community.Axel W. CaballeroExecutive Director of NALIP & Founder of Cuentame and Metafora PoliticaThe media is undergoing an interesting transformation lately. Almost daily, I'm reading articles from websites such as Shadow and Act, The Hollywood R...Lande YoosufEntrepreneur, Media Personality, Casting Producer, WriterI was so happy to see The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences make history today when it announced that it was adding a total of nine new Spanish-language categories to the Daytime, Sports, and News & Documentary Emmy Award showsChiqui CartagenaVP of corporate marketing, Univision Communications; Author, 'Latino Boom II, Catch the Biggest Demographic Wave Since the Baby Boom'So there I stood, absolutely mesmerized watching my five-year-old son adroitly maneuver through a complicated, life-like, labyrinth of activity and nefarious characters to accomplish his mission while sipping a juice box.Tonight on PBS, I sit with worldwide music icon Gloria Estefan. We look back on her remarkable artistic journey and discuss how each of the songs she chose to record for her new album, The Standards, is reflective of a personal moment in time.Tavis SmileyPBS talk show host, PRI radio host, NYT bestselling authorRubio is an experienced and entertaining addition to the panel and provides Latinos with the opportunity to break another star into main-stream America"Mission Park" is produced by Douglas Spain. Photography by Felicia Graham. The film "Mission Park" will be released in Los Angeles, New York, Chica...I talked with Mulloy about the Una Noche, her working relationship with Spike Lee, her experiences as a female filmmaker, the importance of representation and what made her, a British director, so keen on telling a Cuban story.I was completely entranced, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown was unlike anything I had ever seen before. And hence began my long love affair with his films.I encouraged my friend to attend the screening of the film. My friend responded, "No, that's fine. It's a Latin film. I'm sure it'll just go over my head." That response made me want to scream, in part, because this is no novel sentiment. Why is it that so many people still believe that English-language media - click for info - produced by and starring Latinos are for Latinos only?I'm not giving the show a glowing review. I, along with every other Latina, rolled my eyes when I heard that the show was about maids. But, I think it's important to give the show a chance and to look at it critically. Let's dissect what it does right and what it does wrong.