I feel a shift in my personality. I feel like right now my depression is under control. I plummet down, but I seem to be able to jump back up pretty quick. Perhaps I'm experiencing things normally because of all the shyt going on in my life...Perhaps for now my depression is gone. But...I am definitely a insomniac now. Having a lack of sleep has made me very temperamental and I found myself blowing up on my brother for something that wasn't his fault. I have a doctors appointment coming up next month and I plan to address this. But My doc will just give me sleeping pills. I want to find the real solution to my lack of sleep. I have no clue with the solution to my depression was...but...SHHHHHH it's gone today at least.
Also I have had this weird dry patch of skin on my left ankle now for at least 2 months. It hurts really bad and never seems to heal. I'm worried I may have skin cancer, I can't think what else it could be. It's a very small spot and I'm sure if that is what it is then they can remove it easily...At this point I'm so tired at looking at it, and feeling it's tenderness that they can just take my whole foot. I'd rather be a peg legged single chick.