Land Rover Spare Parts

In this electronically advanced world, people have progressed to increase their dexterity to live an effortless life. They have promoted their own life from nomads to non-nomadic life. To forge ahead people has invented various techniques to minimize their struggle for existence. They have advanced in vehicles also from cart to wheels, from man to machines. Now people move on wheels and undertake expeditions to enjoy an adventurous life. We are familiar with terms like SUV, TUV, XUV, KUV, MPV, Hatchback, Sedan and luxury cars. Yes, these are abbreviations for different kinds of cars designs which are available in market for car lovers and common man.

            These types of cars have different features and purposes to use. Let assume SUV which means Sports Utility Vehicles. It can go over rough roads and can accommodate more than five people. Likewise, TUV stands for Technischer Uberwachungsverein, it’s a German name.  XUV’s are a Crossover Utility Vehicle and KUV are Kool Utility Vehicles. MPV are acronyms for Multi Purpose Vehicles, it is bigger than Hatchback and serve as a people carrier. Hatchback is a small car without any extended boot and can carry five people. Sedan is a known name for car buyers. It is car with extended boot. It is larger than hatchback and can carry more than five people. People buy cars according to their needs based on this utilities and designees.

            Now the question is: What type of car is Land Rover? The answer is very simple it’s a complete package of these designs. Buying a Land Rover is worth buying a SUV, MPV. So instead of buying SUV or KUV or MPV separately, people buy Land Rover. Land Rover is a sporty vehicle with multi-purpose utilities. It can run on rough tracks and in all-terrains. It’s a complete vehicle for rovers and adventurous peoples, namely Vogue, Discovery, and New Discovery Sports. Some exterior features of Land Rover SUV’s are Windscreen is acoustic laminated, Hydrophobic front door, Exterior Mirrors with Approach Lamps (Approach Lamps include Illuminated Range Rover Graphic), Rain Sensing Windscreen Wipers/Rear Wash Wiper, Front and Rear Park Distance Sensors with Visual Display. To make the driving experience dynamic it provides Eight-speed Automatic Transmission with Terrain Response and Twin Speed Low Range Transfer Gearbox. SUV Land Rovers have both diesel and petrol oriented engines. Both LR-TDV6 3.0 Diesel and LR-V6 Supercharged 3.0 Petrol engines of SUV’s of Land Rover supports four wheel drive with transmission speed of 210km/hr and maximum Torque of 2000 and 3500 r/minute respectively. These features have increased the luxury, performance and capacity of your dream car, Land Rover.

The company has used its best craftsmen to design the Models of Land Rover cars so the user must give his best to handle his classic cars. They should use good spare parts to enhance the utility of their Land Rover. Just go through the right offerings in the market for parts of Land Rover and use it to the fullest. You are just a click away to this. For more details please visit