Laminate Floor Cleaning Products

Laminate flooring is an excellent choice to lend grandeur to your floor, and that too, at a lower cost. The floor itself is made up of several layers of tough, compressed material which are bound together by means of lamination. Available in several colors and design patterns, its texture resembles that of a hardwood floor.As compared to wooden flooring, laminate is less pricey, easy to install, durable, and has higher resistance to scratches. What's more, cleaning these floors is very easy, and you will get a plethora of good cleaning agents in the market.The Best Products for CleaningMost of the cleaning products are available in a solution form. They are either sold in a spray bottle or as refill packages. You will also find concentrated liquid which needs dilution with water before use. Products with an abrasive surface or scoring effects are strictly not recommended for this type of flooring. Listed below are some of the best cleaning products which you can use on a regular basis.Bruce Laminate and Hardwood Floor Cleaner
This is a ready-to-use cleaning solution for floors. It removes the dusty film from the floor, without affecting its surface. You can use it for spot cleaning, as well as regular cleaning purposes. After you finish using the solution, retain the spray bottle. Next time, you can purchase the refill version, which comes at an economical price.Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner Trigger Spray
Formulated by experts, it is effective for cleaning spots and whole floor surface. You can use the solution directly from the spray bottle. It cleans effectively without rubbing or hard rinsing. For best results, refer to the user directions and follow them exactly.Homemade Cleaners
Do not be under the impression that only commercial cleaning solutions give best results. In fact, you can consider making a homemade cleaner on your own. This will be cost-effective, and at the same time, eco-friendly too. You can make a simple solution by mixing cup white vinegar with 2 cups warm water. Another preparation is using 4 teaspoons of baby shampoo in 2 gallons of hot water.Cleaning Equipment
Coming to the equipment, you can use a vacuum cleaner after removing the beater bar. Or else, you can clean it with a regular broom. A dry cloth sweeper comes in handy for getting rid of fine dust particles from the laminate floors. The objective is to remove dirt and debris which can cause abrasive effects while mopping.Cleaning InstructionsEase in cleaning is one of the major advantages of laminate flooring, which makes it suitable for busy homeowners. Requiring less maintenance, the floor is highly durable and looks brand new for several years after installation. The step-by-step tips which you can follow are:
First of all, sweep the floor with a broom to remove dust and dirt from the surface. If available, a vacuum cleaner can be used for quick cleaning as well.
The next step is to dust the floor with the help of a sweeper dry cloth. It cleans off the fine dust from the surface which cannot be removed by a broom.
Using a spray bottle, spray the cleaning solution on the surface. You can use any of the above listed products.
After spraying the solution, clean the floor with a damp cloth (not wet). Do not use excess water or it will cause expansion of the floor.
Finally, wipe the floor with a soft, clean cloth. Now, your floor will look clean, as if it is installed recently.
As with any type of floor, there are certain cons of this synthetic flooring system. To avoid abrasion and removal of the upper surface layer, always lift furniture instead of dragging them. Follow the basic care tips and your laminate floors will look new for many years. href='' - -