Federal Agencies Have Too A lot Spectrum
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Im most likely the first TLF writer to favor the creation of 2 new federal agencies in a post (hopefully not my last!), however these proposals may be necessary given the damaging status quo. Federal waste of spectrum assets isnt disputed and the buyer benefits of freeing up spectrum are apparent. The struggle lies primarily between highly effective curiosity groups and affected congressional committees, a few of whom will see their constituent oxen gored (DoD, defense contractors, know-how firms). Given the urgent wants, its foolish to continue to do nothing.
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Ill note two of the promising spectrum management plans here. As for bettering the method of shortly getting federal spectrum auctioned off, there is a bill , promoted by Sen. Kirk and Rep. Kinzinger, to BRAC the spectrum. BRAC (the Base Realignment and Closure procedure), as Jerry Brito paperwork , was a move by Congress in 1988 to efficiently accomplish the politically troublesome job of closing military bases. BRAC-ing the spectrum would imply the congressional creation of a fee with the authority to clear federal users out of their spectrum. All spectrum-clearing decisions by this fee during its tenure would stand, absent a disapproving joint decision from Congress.