Kuehl Noted That The County Of Los Angeles Is The Nations Largest Local Government Jurisdiction, Com

The Incident Happened At A Save Mart Store On Howard Road.
A. Board of Supervisors commissioned studies on the impacts of raising the minimum wage. There is no County minimum wage proposal yet. On March 31, a motion by Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis, was unanimously approved to commission an independent review and analysis by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) of four studies analyzing impacts within the City of Los Angeles, which looked at different target minimum-wage levels of $13.25/hour and $15.25/hour. Today in this country we are seeing the highest wage and wealth gap in historyeven greater than 1929, on the eve of the Great Depression, Kuehl told her colleagues. We live in a second Gilded Age. The LAEDC was also tasked with hosting public forums for each of the supervisorial districts to record comments from businesses and workers throughout the County. Kuehl and Solis asked that the LAEDC pay particular attention to the effect of a wage increase on mom-and-pop businesses, citing census data finding that 76 percent of County businesses are micro-businesses employing one to nine workers. Kuehl noted that the County of Los Angeles is the nations largest local government jurisdiction, comprising 10 million residents (roughly 26 percent of Californias entire population), about a million of whom live in unincorporated County areas and are subject to County, not City, legal jurisdiction. If the City and the County were to adopt similar minimum-wage ordinances, she observed, a local minimum wage would apply uniformly across half of the Countys population, with the expectation that additional cities would follow suit and eventually create a consistent regional policy. THE TOPANGA jaclean cyclonic spin mop review FORUM The May 7 Business Forum at the Topanga Community House heard life stories and comments for and against a minimum wage increase. Fifty-six people showed up from Topanga, this page about read this as well as from outside the area ,with 29 people commenting, only three of which were small businesses. Randy Neece, owner of Canyon View Ranch Dog Boarding and Training, spoke in support of a raise.

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