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Stylish hair, preppy clothes, demure movements along with a new distinct Oriental pretty-boy appear make up the total image projected from typically the all-male Filipino band within just their music videos. This condition is called albinism - a congenital disorder recognized through the lack of pigmentation concerning the skin, curly hair and eyes. The true number may actually be higher because new languages are still being found out, and lots of that are recognized have never been recorded. The true number may really be higher since new languages are continue to being discovered, and numerous that are known have not been recorded. This problem is named albinism - the congenital disorder characterized simply by the lack of coloring on the skin, curly hair and eyes. 1: 43 is constructed of four teenage boys within their early 20's specifically Yuki Sakamoto, Anjo Resurreccion, Gold Aquino and Kent Malunda. One Saturday early morning it had been down loaded and played nearly 100 times inside a row. Several of these songs are classic Christmas carols a few are modern age tunes other folks have been featured within Christmas specials. Watch the performance here watching 'Shape of My Heart' below. is only ONE track to end a Xmas party (well in England) and it's. "Merry Christmas Na", a new trendy, youthful and upbeat Christmas song written by simply Eric in 2010 for the newly formed Pinoy young man band called 1: 43 (One Forty Three) since a promotional single, manufactured a large splash upon its digital debut by simply staying at primary for several weeks on the Philippine pop charts (P-Pop) plus gaining more than 100, 000 You Tube opinions. One Saturday morning that was downloaded and enjoyed nearly 100 times in the row. Monday, Dec 26*** - Christmas Day time. So there they are!. Right now we discuss him with an execllent Canadian band called "Die Mannequin". Lyrically, CJ now speaks making use of the kind of perseverance, wisdom and resolve that is only capable of being acquired following a 10 years of heavy experience actively playing dicey rock bars, functioning in shady strip clubs to produce ends meet in addition to warring with some severe personal demons. Parents may encourage their children to be able to understand it and the particular children may eventually spurn their mother tongue. Jesse - What should individuals learn about you that we haven't covered? Say that which you desire to say for the viewers. Chris: We all post gig schedules about our Faceboook fan webpage (1: 43 Fan Page) and on Twitter (onefortythree).. You know you would like to.