Kontent Machine: Super Fast Top Ranking Content

With this series of video tutorials, I'm going to explain to you how you can use Kontent Machine to quickly and easily build a campaign for GSA Research Engine Ranker. http://www.usefultoolformarketers.net/2015/09/kontent-machine-download.html has quite a few different tools inside of it, however the most practical one for producing SER campaigns is the new button. What this method has the software do, is go to various different sites that contain articles and use the keywords that you specify to try and find content that the program will then mix together in a variety of ways. The second option is to use the built-in scraper, along with articles that you already have stored on your computer. In case you used the standalone article scraper in KM, or you have previously saved many articles for your niche along with other software, this might be an alternative that you want to look at. The third choice that you have is to use articles which you have already saved on your computer only. If you choose this option, KILOMETERS is not going to use any scraped content at all. The fourth option is by using an ultra-spun article service called the leading articles. Now i'm not very familiar with this in order to be honest. In my opinion, the best choice is to use the first, default option. Now we will look at the scraper settings button. There are several different and important options inside of this options panel. It's here that you decide how many threads this software is going to use to clean. You can even specify how long you would like the program to wait for content to be pulled back with the scraper additional time slider, and you may also designate the proxies that you would like KM to use. The quantity of threads that you are going to be capable to use is going to rely upon your hardware and Web connection. If you are on a dedicated server, you can obviously use 100 strings if you want to. You can probably get away with 100 threads on a VPS as well. As always when it comes to these sorts of things though, you are going to need to experiment and find the setting that works best for you. As far as the timeout slider goes, it defaults at three mere seconds, but I don't see any reason why you couldn't set it to 9 or 10. A new higher timeout will allow you to acquire more articles. If you are only going to be operating a handful of campaigns per day, it's unlikely that you will need to make use of proxies. If on the other hand, you are going to be running a lot of campaigns every day you will need to invest in some private proxies. 10 through 20 should be fine. Nevertheless the more the better of course. To make certain that your proxies work with Kontent Machine, you can click on the test button. In the campaign settings button, there are a few things that you can configure. If you would like to avoid adult content, ensure that this option is set to on.