'Knockout game': Teenagers attack unsuspecting strangers for fun

They www.bangmystepmom.com contain femaleagent.com numerous stories through Washington.Ever so slowly, reporters are starting to figure out any model associated with black mob violence known as the Knockout Game.http://www.wnd.com/2013/11/surprise-media-finally-wake-up-to-knockout-game/'Knockout game': Teenagers attack unsuspecting strangers for fun - Investigations"The method the game is actually played, among a new variety of small blacks decides toshow which he can knock down a amount of stranger around the streets, preferablywith 1 punch, as they pass by. However this much they've got inside common: Just About All of attackers inside theKnockout Game are generally black.This just isn't Random!We happen to be able to be seeing this for more than two YEARS now! Wake UP!Law Enforcement as well as the Media are downplaying this, so it doesn't appear the hate crime.. Orhomosexual. As Well As women. Often, a number of various other person in the actual grouprecords the event to ensure that a new video of the 'achievement' is wear theInternet to become celebrated."Anyone taking a peek at the particular hundreds and also a massive selection of examples - many onvideo - understands this: the victims could be white. Or Perhaps Asian. WND, however, offers documented hundreds of examples of sex star the actual Knockout Game around the country over the past a pair of years