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“Treplica uggs free shipping here could not be higher,” Richard Strassberg, the lead defense lawyer said, citing “The Exonerated,” a play about six people who are wrongfully convicted of murder and other offenses.The opening arguments were delivered to a jury of five men and seven women that includes a chief executive and a New York City bus driver, in a courtroom packed with friends and family of Mr. Martoma and spectators.Mr. Martoma, 39, knock off ugg boots for sale is the second SAC employee to stand trial in the Justice Department’s decade-long investigation into insider trading at SAC, which is run by the billionaire Steven A. Cohen.The trial is at the heart of an investigation into what authorities have called a “systematic insider trading scheme.” Eight former SAC employees have been criminally charged with insider trading; six pleaded guilty. Last month, in the same courthouse, Michael S. Steinberg, another SAC trader, knock off uggs for sale was found guilty of insider trading, a month after SAC agreed to pay $1.2 billion and plead guilty to insider trading.On Friday, the lead prosecutors in Mr. Steinberg’s trial, Antonia M. Apps and Harry Chernoff, were among the spectators.Mr. Martoma has been accused of seeking confidential information about the clinical trial of an Alzheimer’s drug and making trades in shares of the two companies developing it, Wyeth and Elan,knock off uggs for kids based on that information. The trades helped the firm to avoid losses and generate profits totaling $276 million.