Kevin Smith talks about the end of his film days on #Influencer

(CBS/What's Trending) - If Twitter is any indicator of celebrity, then the nearly two million tweeters who follow @thatkevinsmith is nothing to scoff at. We had none other than the pride of New Jersey, director Kevin Smith, joining us in studio for this week's #Influencer segment.The director spoke about the intensity and diversity of his fan base with Lazar during this week's What's Trending episode. Smith also discusses how he no longer needs tabloids or news sources such as entertainment newspaper Variety to get word out on a new project or to speak out on issues, he simply needs to tweet.Smith, like many celebrities, has used Twitter as a marketing device for themselves and as a way to receive feedback from his fanbase. His tweets gained national noteriety after the director was deemed "too fat to fly" after being kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight for being to large. His subsequent tyrade against the airline made news,and Smith became noterized for his outrageous and often hilarious tweets. The director's first film, 1994's" Clerks," grossed over 116 times its $27,000 production brudget. Since the impressive profit garnered from his initial film, Smith has followed with a series of critically acclaimed and - latino free tranny webcams - financially successful films spanning the next two decades. The director has built a loyal fan base due to the continued success of his brand of teen-slacker comedy. Other notable films from writer/director include 90s classics "Mallrats" and "Dogma," as well as more recent comedies such as "Clerks II" and "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." Smith also made his character "Silent Bob" come alive on screen in a majority of his films (most notably "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"), often acting in as well as directing and writing his projects. Along with his fans, Smith also talks about his upcoming final film project and what the future holds for him. Citing twenty years experience in making film and not shutting the door completely on television, Smith notes the internet as a powerful medium for gaining viewership. Smith affirms that the Internet is the next big format for the production of series, suggesting a possible web series as a viable option for his next step after wrapping "Hit Somebody."2011 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.