Kenya: Fire Forces Kenyatta Airport to Close

"When it comes to natural resources, Zimbabwe will not pay for her resources," Kasukuwere is quoted as saying, adding: "If they don't want to follow the law that's their problem." Kasukuwere went further to say that a new stock exchange will open within 100 days of the new ZANU PF government taking office. He added that this new Harare Stock Exchange will only be open to black Zimbabweans and will trade the black-owned shares in the seized companies. Harare based economist John Robertson rubbished the idea, describing it as "taking absurdities to new limits. He said: "I think he is re-introducing a form of apartheid for which he should be pilloried, I believe, by the markets and by international observers. The claim that such a thing should even exist is out of place in the 21st century and was even out place in the last century." Regarding the seizure of mining firms without compensation, Robertson explained that Kasukuwere claims that minerals under the ground are the contribution made by Zimbabwe to the enterprise of mining.

The main theme of the report is simple: Not much has changed in the way Somalia is governed. The arms flow to Somalia continues as usual and is facilitated by almost everybody, from rogue states to countries in good standing with the UN. Corruption is rampant, piracy is a lesser threat but former pirates have made a career change, radicalism is still a threat to the country but the menace is not exclusively from ideology, charcoal is black gold and illegally exported despite an international ban, and, of course, "spoilers" always erect obstacles to the pursuit of peace and stability. President Hassan S. Mohamoud came to power last autumn promising change, stability, and accountability.

The sources further said that the Senegalese owner of Kajem Mining only known as Gunase has been a staunch financial pillar behind President Sata's comfortable life even when he was in the opposition. They said in fact, Gunase is actually the owner of the house in Rhodespark, Omelu Mumba where Sata has been staying for a long time. "Most people do not know that that house in Rhodespark where Sata was staying for a long time is not actually his property. "It was offered to President Sata so that he could stay there for free and that is why people think it is his house. This is the guy who bankrolled PF campaign and sustained the President when he was in the opposition," the sources said.

There have been no reports of any casualties and the cause of the fire is not clear. A statement from the airport authority said: "We confirm reports of a fire at JKIA affecting part of [the] international arrivals building and Unit 1 departures. "KAA Fire and Rescue Team is on [the] ground being assisted by G4S and Nairobi Fire Brigade. Passengers have been evacuated to safety." The fire at Kenya's main airport is one of the major disruptions to happen this week. On Monday, flights were grounded in an incident that airport authorities described as disruption in the supply of jet fuel.