Kayla: Bald eagle mascot nearly punched out by lunatic premier league fan

Kayla, the bald eagle mascot of the English Premier League football club Crystal Palace, has a sharp eye. The bald eagle was nearly socked in the head by a deranged fan of the rival Charlton Athletic club of the Football League Championship. The clubs played at Selhurst Park on September 23, and not surprisingly, a brouhaha broke out between fans, the bobbies were called, and some dolt tried to sock a bird of prey.Kayla, the bald eagle mascot / Wikimedia CommonsWrites Fox Sports on Nov. 20: A 34-year-old man, who allegedly attempted to punch Kayla, was arrested Friday on suspicion of violent disorder and attempted criminal damage, Scotland Yard said. He remains in custody at a south London police station. A total of six people were arrested.Kayla the bald eagle mascot a real bald eagle, not some fool dressed up like one has served as the Palaces mascot for ten years. The 19-year-old eagle makes a circle around the inside of the stadium before every game.Video shows police pouring into the stadium in an attempt to quell rival fans. Reports say a man ran over to Kayla and attempted to throw a punch at her. The bird got the better of the inebriated Brit, and simply moved out of the way. Hey, at least he didnt toss a haymaker at a horse. In 2013, this hooligan was sent to jail for a year after his team, the Newcastle United Football Club, lost a game. Barry Rogerson, thoroughly drunk, squared off against Bud, a horse working for West Yorkshire Police. After clapping in the horse's face, he lolloped the beast in the nose.Hes about halfway through his ban he was outlawed from attending any football matches in the UK for six years. BBC News reports the bald eagle Kayla is from Canada but was brought to the UK after she became too aggressive to remain at her previous home, according to her owners. Kayla also appeared on the front cover of the US rockers King's Of Leon's album, Only By The Night.We're glad Kayla is ok, and hopefully she doesn't think ill of all football fans.