Kastel Denmark: Benefits of Equestrian Apparel & Sun Protective Clothing

We believe that the best clothing should not only be affordable, but also incredibly comfortable and stylish while also being practical. That’s why we provide a vast collection of products that are light-weight and specially designed to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. This is achieved through special techniques in the design process as well as opting to use protective fabrics such as the delicately soft Merino Wool. Sun Protective Clothing is incredibly important, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors, which is why it’s equally as important that you choose garments that have UPF-certified labels on them.

We proudly contribute to a void in the market by offering equestrian apparel which will simultaneously keep your skin safe thanks to our sun protective riding shorts and sun protective clothing. Kastel Denmark isn’t exclusive for females either, despite boasting a huge range of Equestrian Apparel and Women’s Athletic Skirts aimed at women, we also offer many stylish and comfortable designs for men too.

By using materials such as Merino Wool, we are able to produce high-quality sun protective clothing that’ll keep you safe regardless of you reason for being in the sun. Whether you are just lounging around and relaxing or expressing your talent in the equestrian ring, our products will protect your body. Our number one priority is being able to offer equestrian apparel, sun protective clothing and Sun Protective Riding Shirts, sun protective hats and headwear and many more products at affordable prices. Affordability and practicality combined allows you to feel great while being protected.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors or have personally experienced, or had friends experience, the complications and repercussions that are involved with skin damage from UV rays, then we urge you to look through our vast catalog of equestrian apparel and sun protective clothing. We, as a human race, have a tendency to neglect our skin, even if we wear sun screen we often lack the dedication to re-apply or moisturize afterwards. To save yourself from the burden of having to constantly purchase and apply sun screen to your skin, consider our sun protective clothing which will block out harmful UV rays and keep your skin cool, comfortable and protected.

Kastel Denmark also know how important it is to look after children’s skin too, which to some degree is more sensitive and at more risk of becoming damaged in the sun. That’s why we offer a wide range of sun protective clothing designed especially for kids. You can still apply sun screen to any exposed skin of course, but this way your kids can feel comfortable and happy while enjoying sport activities and relaxing outdoors.

Don’t allow your skin to absorb the harmful UV rays from the sun. Have a browse through our collection of equestrian apparel, women’s athletic skirts and everything else we have on offer, including accessories and skorts, today and see how we can help keep your skin feeling and looking wonderful. Our UPF-certified collection is just a click away, come and have a look around.