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Brett and I did the good worker thing, went out to dinner with our respective colleagues but had committed to each other that by 8:00pm come hell or high water, we would do what it took to politely be excused from our work/social obligations.

is?I5jaUKrava8NimSz2JdAotYmdtoSPsxJySqp9I showed up to Bretts room about 10 minutes early just as schoolgirlish as it gets. My anticipation was causing me to almost pace. I could not have imagined the satisfaction that our afternoon interlude had given me (see First [F] BBC Experience) and the sheer craving it created. Finally when I heard the door handle being rustled, a silent YES echoed in my head.

Brett stepped in the room and quick chit chat began. My response was it is all for him tonight. At that point he began to slowly undress me. I could not wait for our meeting after dinner. As he removed his jacket and tie, a positioned myself to literally jump into his arms and began deep kissing. I played the nervous love tart to the hilt, my heart rate had accelerated my breathing was getting heavier, I whimpered or moaned as each article of clothing was removed.

He reached around me, unclasping my bra, releasing my breast. Such a large man holding me felt exquisite. He stood naked in front of me and pulled me to him, pinning cock against my body, took me by the face and kissing me deeply. Brett set me down and gazed at me, complimenting me from head to toe. My breathing is at now heavy.

The feeling of being exposed and vulnerable was electrifying. I frantically asked him to wait. I was standing in front of Brett quivering with only my thigh high stockings, no panties this time and my bra. Brett laugh and said you dont get it that quickly and place the base of his erected penis right between my already wet and swollen pussy lips.

He worked his hips ever so gently. He quickly stepped in between my thighs and I was scared Brett just wanted to enter me. Brett picked me up and plopped me on the bed, he grabbed one ankle and dragged me to the edge of the bed opening up my thighs. Brett pulled back and moved to the side of the bed, offering me his cock, I eagerly grab his shaft and begin licking his head, taking his tip in my mouth deeper and deeper with each lap around his head.

Brett leaned forward, kissing on my breasts and nipples, moving to my neck, then my mouth and back down, all the while his shaft was slowing sliding up and down between my pussy lips, coating free ameture porn pics the underside of his shaft with my slippery love juices that were in full production.

I bent my head amateur pussy galleries down so on his upward thrusts his cock would end up in my mouth. I could feel his balls slightly bumping my ass. Brett looked me up and down as he was quickly ripping off his clothes. In amateur picture galleries my head I was not ready for penetration not ever having taken a cock that size.

Then pulled back the hood of my clit and with other hand began to kind of stroke the top ridge making my clit almost stand up. His hands go exploring all over my body, his mouth follows suit, from my ankles to my inner thighs, rolled over, up and down my spine, my lower back, all the while my pussy is screaming PLEASE GIVE ME PUSSY SOME ATTENTION!

With his fingers me parted my pussy lips, moaning how delicious my pussy looked. After stroking his cock with my hands, mouth and tits; Brett push me back lying on the bed. I had become an achy woman that was in NEED, BIG! My eyes were pinched tight as I concentrated, almost trying to will him to lick my pussy, my hips were quietly thrusting.

Brett circled my clit, ran his tongue across my perineum before sliding his tongue deep into my into my pussy. Brett took my arm and helped me to a sitting position where he took his slick cock and put it between my breasts and start to titty fuck me.

His burrowing tongue was working my love hole as if he was extracting my love honey. His tongue returned to teasing my clit, first with gentle flicking, to out right sucking on, back to inserting his tongue. His pattern continued, working on my clit and tonguing my hole. His thick finger applied pressure to my ass, just slightly penetrating while Brett return to my clit with a steady rhythm.

As he sucked and licked my clit, he inserted two fingers, curling them to tap my g-spot. My legs were open and waiting. He swirled his tongue on my ass, giving it more attention than it has ever had, leaving me gasping. Brett could tell by the steady pace of my hips fucking his fingers and ensuring my clit is getting the love it needs.

The temperature is rising. Finally he makes his way back between my thighs, staring at my swollen, wet, hungry lady parts. I am now on my way to climaxing. Coming was happening, my bronco like thrusting began grinding his face and fucking his fingers as hard as I could. He pinched my nipples. Now his finger is penetrating my ass, his two fingers are tapping my g-spot and his tongue is circling and flicking my clit like a musical instrument.

But I need his patience. Brett was smiling devilishly. He stood up from his kneeling position, dragged me closer to the edge of the bed and began rubbing the head of his cock back and forth, up and down the length of my slippery pussy. I looked him straight in the eyes and told him I wanted him.

Then he placed his tongue directly on my anus and it shot a jolt through me. I was still in after shock from the orgasm and my cunt was still achy and wanted to be filled. I wrapped my thighs as tight as I could around his hips so I could stay in charge to control the penetration.

As I felt the head of his cock at my pussys opening, I began to rock on the head, feeling it slow entering me, then the head slid in I paused feeling its girth, I slowly continued taking a little more in then pausing. I could feel my heart beat in my pussy.

My pussy felt like it was slowly sucking his cock deeper in me. With each new depth, I would pause and rock gently back and forth until the craving to take more, then the swallowing process would takeover. Brett smiled and reassured me, it was all about me! As my tempo increased, so did the continued pattern on my clit, then he added a finger to my ass.

Brett was so wonderful being this patient. After slowly taking his full cock inch at a time, Brett leaned forward and pushed his pelvic bone smashed up against my clit and began to rock back and forth with very little actual cock thrusting. Soon the slow rocking picked up pace, never disconnecting from my clit and at the same time only thrusting in small increments.

The thickness of his cock had me concentrating as his cock stretched my hole. My vagina wanted his cock and it was so fulfilling, I felt lost in pleasure. This pattern caused me to grunt out loud, now my legs are wide open and Im embracing all his had to offer and now Ive got his hips controlling the tempo and Im actively grinding my clit on his pubic bone.

I was still too intimidated to initial a full on stroking yet, I felt like I was on an edge of loosing my breathe and craving more. Im now yelling everything that comes to mind like "Oh Yea! Again the wave of an oncoming orgasm is taking over and I feverishly grind him until Im bucking on his cock like an animal, Brett grabs a hold of me and starts thrusting his cock in me like a machine.

His pace steadied and I could feel his cock growing inside me and the stroking increased, then it reach a fanatical pace and I felt transported and with a final deep thrust . Brett changes up the pace, entering me half way and rocking, to sliding his cock deep in me and grinding, then only the head in and out but he does make his way back to an all out tempo of hard fucking which had my head spinning so hard, I had no idea I wanted to be fucked this hard.

Thankfully he slows down and this allows me to catch my breath, Im drenched in sweat, his and mine. " "Fuck Me" I rolled my legs back toward my crest to allow him to plunge his cock deep in me and over and over. I felt his cock burst and ejaculate deep in me with strong pulsating gushes.

Brett slowed way down but still continued to slid his cock in and out of me. His cock felt like there was a layer of teflon coating his cock and this made for an interesting and exciting new dimension. So I continued to moan and using my legs, I showed Brett I wasnt done. Another orgasm was possible. I began to work my clit myself since we had caught our breath.

I felt come running out of my pussy and dripping down my asshole. Bretts driving of his cock was daily xxx galleries still on, I enthusiastically giggled my clit, his cock was still probing me, pulling out and jamming it in, stroke stroke stroke, pull out and jam it back in, then stroke stroke stroke. Brett was smiling so big I could tell, he knew I still needed him.

We laughed and acted silly. My pussy could tell it had a good work out! Brett pulled out and collapsed beside me on the bed. His thrusts become harder, still not stroking but definitely FUCKING ME. My gap was stretched open and his cock slid in and out with an usual amount of ease. The magic was sucked out of the room that smelt of sex and joy just minutes earlier.

this pattern lead me to clapsing Brett with my thighs and driving his cock the way I wanted while I took care of my clit and within minutes I had peaked again with the same type of bucking but with less energy. Brett jumped up in a panic and said be quiet, its my wife and I was suppose to call her two hours ago. I gathered my things and left without saying good bye.

But it all went wrong when his phone vibrated and he glanced at it. I felt like shit, my reality hit me hard as well. Not that I wanted to, he changed from my mystical loverman and transformer of my spirited to just another cheating husband that wanted to get laid while out of town. I did leave my husband, found refuge in my best friends comfort, needed up falling in love with my best friend and we made it official last summer.

This writing is for him! Brett went into the bathroom, where I could hear them arguing as he lied and lied. I loved my night with Brett, I recreate it from time to time to masturbate to (and boy are they good sessions) but we have not spoken to each other since.

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