Karlie Kloss And Michelle Williams Go To Joanna Vargas Before The Met Gala

The Met Gala is one of the most exclusive social events of the year for the museum and the fashion world. This past Monday style icons and celebrities transported themselves to the lofty Met for its annual gala and red carpet event.
And without a doubt this red carpet walk is probably one of the most photographed in the world, meaning your glam game must be divine!
This year I had the pleasure of skin prepping supermodel Karlie Kloss, Michelle Williams, internet Zac Posen and Sofia Coppola for the event. Below is the article.
We try out Joanna Vargas Triple Crown Facial same treatment Karlie Kloss and Michelle Williams got before Met Gala
BY Beth Stebner
Parading on the red carpet is hard work, but appearing in front of hundreds of reporters for an event like Mondays Met Gala is the Kentucky Derby of public appearances.
Its small wonder, then, that A-listers depend on a face jockey worthy of the task. Enter Joanna Vargas, master esthetician. The veteran facialist helped prep Karlie Kloss, Zac Posen, Sofia Coppola and Michelle Williams to be red carpet-ready with her signature Triple Crown Facial.
Karlie Kloss At the Met Gala/Getty Images
Vargas told us that Posen, Coppola and Kloss are all regulars whenever they happen to be in New York.
All of them travel a lot and they are all busy people, so we want to focus on making the skin fresh-looking, she said.
The facial promises to reduce puffiness, slough away dead skin and even reshape the jawline with three distinct steps and zero surgery.
After hearing this, we decided we had to get one of the http://online.wsj.com/articles/social-media-companies-skip-meeting-with-thai-junta-1401373919 Triple Crown facials ourselves to see what all the fuss was about.
The Powder Room went to Vargas light, airy, loft-like space right across the street from the Stephen Schwartzman branch of the New York Public Library, and steps away from Bryant Park. The space contains three rooms, each full of light and a breath of fresh air to the endless cramped facial tables Ive seen in the past.
The idea is to make it a completely personal experience, Vargas told me as she started the first part of the Triple Crown a diamond peel used to gently exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin. Im surprised at how gentle it feels, especially because I have extremely sensitive skin.
Turns out, so does Vargas, which led her to develop skin care customized to each and every client. Its not a product-heavy treatment, so even if you have super sensitive skin, you wont have a bad reaction, she says.
Next, Vargas used microcurrent technology via two handheld prongs to stimulate my facial muscles. It wasnt painful, but I felt my facial muscles twitch uncontrollably as currents pulsed through my muscles.
Vargas made sure to do my left side of my face first, and handed me a mirror so I could compare. See the difference? she asked. Yes, I could laugh lines, expression lines, and even a crows foot or two magically disappeared.
People see a difference with the puffiness, cheekbones look lifted, and the eyes look [refreshed] even when you have been working nonstop, she said. Perfect for the red carpet and jet-setting celebrities, indeed.
Step three? Add oxygen to the face and lots of it.
The oxygen felt cool and welcoming, and my skin soaked up every molecule. For my skin type, she wouldnt even do a facial massage or extraction. The result is a clear, bright, tightened face with no signs of redness. I didnt even have to use the tinted moisturizer I brought, just in case.
As I stared in disbelief at the results including a completely smooth forehead, Vargas deadpanned:
This is great for people who dont want to look, you know, freaky.
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