Karl Update

Thanks to everyone who prayed for Karl. (my nephew) Jimmy, my brother,(Bobo) sent this report to me today. Karl had surgery on his heel yesterday. God is good...and I'm praying that his heel, tendons, bones and muscles will be woven & mended by the hands of God..to complete restoration. Karl is an amazing young man who wants to go into the ministry. He leads praise and worship services at their church..loves to act in plays, etc. He's a big bundle of joy. Know that he won't let this stop him from doing what God has called him to do. They live in NC...so I haven't seen Karl since he was around 6 or so.
"Hi Sis, Karl had his surgery yesterday, 14 days after the wreck. The surgery lasted 61/2 hrs. The Dr. said  that it went as well as possible  for as bad a break as it was. Over 50 pieces to put back together; She wasn't able to get all the pieces back together, some were left out because how bad the pieces were shattered. She had to use plates and pins and bolts. She said Karl will never completely recover from this accident. The Dr. Pam Allen said this is the worse break she ever had worked on. She does 8 a week, that's what she specialize in, Heel bones. There are 23 surgeons in that group. But Karl is well and alive..   PRAISE  GOD. Thank You for prayers.  Prayer works...  Bobo   



Wow!!!!!!!!!!! What wonderful news! God is indeed good and Karl will recover!