Kanye West Cancels Oprah Interview Via Email: Snubbing Talk Show Queen Is Odd

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Hopefully Chris Rock and Eminem were collaborating on the song that pokes fun at Kanye. Then again, Em wouldn't need a comedian's help to turn yeezy into a joke.

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Kimmel agreed that Silverman is funnier because of her role in "Wreck-It Ralph," and tweeted this about Kanye's rant: "I'll tell you the whole story about @kanyewest tonight while on the show - this isn't a prank, I promise (unless it's being played on me)." fake yeezy boost 350 In case you don't recall, Kimmel recently played an epic prank while on the world along with his video from the burning twerking girl, therefore it's not surprising that some of his fans think that Kanye's rant is incorrect.