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This happened to me when I was eighteen years old, while on a gruelling fourteen hour flight to London. I dont recall what the in-flight movie was, but I remember not being particularly interested by it. For all I knew, I had a long and boring flight ahead of me. I ended up sitting beside a stranger - because of a problem regarding our ticket bookings - and that was a first for me. I wasnt sure if I was meant to acknowledge their presence after take-off, or simply just keep to myself and stare forward for the whole flight. The rest of my family were all up at the front of the plane, where snacks and beverages always seem to materialize miraculously. A few times before take-off, I heard my father and brother laughing about something up-front, but I wasnt able to figure out what that was. This made me feel a little lonely, I guess. It sounded like it must have been funny. But, after a couple hours of being in the air, I found myself glad to be sharing a strangers company at the back of the plane. Lucky, even. She was in her early fifties. An older woman with a soft face and a heavy-looking bosom. She almost reminded me of a pre-school teacher Id once had. It was the aura of tenderness about her, I suppose. Something about the gentle slope of her breasts conveyed a warm motherliness. We talked a lot, mostly about books and movies we both enjoyed. Considering the twenty-something year gap between us, we had a surprising amount in common. It was almost shocking, really. Some time after dinner was served - I got the beef option, just to be safe - the lady beside me fell asleep. With-in minutes of her eyes closing shut, the side of her head slumped against my shoulder. This contact sent spontaneous shivers up my spine. Not to mention, the view this provided me of the womans breasts was jaw-dropingly intimate. I dont think Id ever seen a pair of tits up close like that before in my whole life. I mean, she was clothed, of course; but still, if I leaned into her shoulder a little, I could see the dark shadow of what might be an areola. In my defence, the temptation to continue to leer was far too great for any nude blond girls eighteen year old boy to withstand. As I stared down into the deep valley between her tits, minutes began to feel like hours. The two of us sat that way for a long time: the lady, with her head rested on my shoulder and her breasts hanging sideways out of her bra; and me, with my head phones in and my eyes glued open. The stewardess came walking down the aisle, offering blankets and pillows. This woke the woman beside me just long enough for her to accept them, then reposition herself and fall back asleep. Nothing good can last forever, I thought. So... I put the blanket Id been given over my lap, then pulled out an iPod full of porn and started - well, yknow. The plane was almost entirely dark now, illuminated by only a few sparse islands of light. The thick hum of the engines seemed amplified by the silence, creating a cloak of noise. Ill be honest, after about twenty minutes of slowly stroking my cock under the blanket, while listening to the abrasive moans of hardcore porn in my headphones, I began to forget about where I was. I forgot all about the dozens of people sitting near-by, sipping their single-serving liquor and reading their best-sellers. And thats when the lady sleeping beside me woke up... I think turbulence woke her. Or, maybe she was never sleeping at all. Either way, she caught me in the act. Red handed, I guess. While doing the deed, I had glanced over in her direction, then spotted one of her eyes-lids slightly open, watching me. She saw the expression of horror on my face, then opened her eyes, smiling mischievously at me. The lady whispered that "it was okay", that she was "the only person whod be able to see". She joked about warning me if she saw anyone coming down the isle toward us, but I knew it was no joke. It was an invitation. And I accepted it. I mpl studio galleries continued to jack off, with the tip of my cock poking up from beneath the blanket, so she could watch my foreskin glide up and down over my head. The woman told me that shed never seen an un-cut man before; it didnt seem to turn her on as much as it fascinated her. She asked me if she could "give me a hand". The maya mpl studios plane was still dark and now, most everyone appeared to be sleeping. I said "yes". The woman slowly stroked my cock under the blanket, letting her finger-tips slide mpl studio studeos over my foreskin, until my whole head felt numb. She did this for nearly forty minutes... It was blissful torture. Hours passed... Before breakfast was served, the lady started jacking me off a little faster. And a little faster... Her technique had developed a lot over night. Now, she was able to give my cock long, hard strokes, without making too much noise. When I was close, I told her so, and she smiled, before ducking her head under the blanket and sucking my cock dry. Id been hard for literally hours and my balls were psychically aching. Meaning, I didnt last longer than a couple seconds. Three, four seconds maybe. And also, Id never felt a womans lips wrapped around my cock before. Maybe I should have clarified that part earlier. I was still a virgin... I emptied the biggest load of my life into her mouth. I heard her swallowing under the blanket in rapid succession, as if she were chugging alcohol. My legs spasmed for a long moment, causing my knees to knock into the seat in front of me. But my cock didnt stop erupting cum. And the woman kept gulping under the blanket, with one hand wrapped around my shaft and the the other cradling my sore balls. When she reappeared from under the blanket, the womans smile dripped a little cum. She whispered to me about needing to "wash up before breakfast", then disappeared down the aisle. I expected her to return nudes erotica quickly, but nearly half an hour passed. I sat in my seat, only now realizing what we had done. The previous handful of hours had felt like time spent in a dream. But in retrospect, they were terrifyingly real. Holy shit, I thought. Holy fucking shit. After the cum had already dried on my skin, I got up and made my way to the vacant bathroom at the front of the plane, pausing awkwardly to say hello to my family. When I reemerged from the bathroom, I took a step toward my family, then stopped dead in my tracks. Id heard the womans voice speaking, from somewhere close-by: "How are you feeling now, sweetie?" Startled, I turned, then saw the woman leaning over her husbands seat. Beside the two of them, their son stared down into his laptop, wearing headphones and a vacant expression. The lady kissed her husband on the lips, then tousled her sons hair. After a moments hesitation, I forced my legs to keep walking, pretending I had been looking at something else. Behind me, I heard her speaking to her family in a hushed voice: "Just a few more hours now, honey. Not long..." A few more hours, I realized. Oh... I glanced over my shoulder again, then stopped dead in my tracks for the second time. The woman was staring over the top of her husbands balding head, making direct eye contact with me. "Oh, Im sure Ill find something to entertain myself with. Dont worry about me. I occupied myself this long, right?" I sat down in my seat, my head spinning fast enough to make me feel dizzy. A few minutes later, the woman sat down beside me. Before could talk about what had happened, breakfast was served. We ate in silence, pretending to be strangers. The stewardess came and collected our meal trays, then turned and left without saying a word. It was obvious to me that someone had seen us, but it appeared like the planes staff were choosing to ignore it. After a long period of silence, the woman beside me took a sip of her tea, then turned her head toward me. "Fairs fair, I guess. You showed me yours, Ill show you mine..." I gulped. Could we ever get away with this twice? I didnt think so. But that didnt matter anymore, because the top button of the womans jeans were already undone. She laid the blanket across her lap - the one already covered in my cum stains - then pulled her jeans down, like a woman changing at a public pool. When she lifted the blanket up for me, I saw her tangled panties, which barely mpl gallery managed to conceal her swollen lips. The fabric looked discoloured from her wetness. "Dont be shy", she whispered. "Ive been waiting eight hours to feel you inside me." I gulped again. Could we ever get away with this twice? I still didnt think so. "But I know youve been waiting a lot longer", she continued. "Ever since you first heard the word pussy said in the schoolyard. Dont be shy