just whatever

I aam going to ramble on and on... I got rid of my therapist,Micheal Mann. he said I had a problem with non verbal communication. He also wanted to get me to a group home. My situation is good right now.  There comes a time where you have to draw a boundary. I did it
I have broken up wityh my boyfriend that I met at the Center serving people with Mental Retardation! we left on good terms. his mom made me break up> She wanted me to marry him. I thought about it. His problems were to much for me to handle.
As for Sterling-- I am giving the friendship one more chance. Hopefully, it will go better
As for paul- I know we were inturupted by obama. I love him forever!! He got me out of the heat in 2010. I know he would not have done tHAT IF HE DID NOT LOVE ME.  He is awesome!! he does not communicate how he feels. I understand. He has had a lot of things go wrong in his life. some times you just have to be patient with people.
Jesus I love you with allof my heart!!!