Just Experienced Life Fitness X8 Trainer

I purchased the Life Fitness X8 Elliptical Cross Trainer with the advanced console a few months before. Just to purchase that I have gone through so many reviews from the previous three months. After a long research I decided to buy The Life Fitness X8 Trainer and I am thrilled that I purchased it. During my readings reviews on elliptical machines I could realize that a cheaper machine might do the trick. I am pleased I went for the more expensive purchase. There are lots of reasons for making this choice. I am impressed to see the attractive features of this elliptical machine. This is awesome.
The programs are very comfortable to me. I feel much comfort to have a ride on it. This elliptical is smooth and gives a great workout. In this Life Fitness X8 Trainer, the Life Fitness X8 Trainer includes preset stride workouts with a workout statistics memory so I can monitor my progress. The heart rate is monitored. And this is displayed via contact sensors or a polar compatible wireless chest strap. This is positively not the most built in programs that I can find on comparable elliptical trainers, but the variety of the programs is good and I can also design my own to match my necessities entirely. It provides a LCD display with blue background and white characters.

The programmed workouts are also appraisable in The Life Fitness X8 Trainer. It is steady. Its heavy weight fly wheel makes work out more comfortable. This elliptical is so quite unlike the old traditional noisy elliptical machines. Only when changing incline does it make a noise, which is at best minimal. I love the low impact on my knees. I can feel no pain when I get down from my Elliptical machine. So it is clear that this elliptical machine provides a comfortable ride. This elliptical provides a varied stride length from 18 to 24 inches.
All the features of this Life Fitness X8 Trainer are good and acceptable. It is also available at a reasonable price. This is one of the most excellent machines that train men and women without preference.  It is only few elliptical machines that would be this affordable and yet with great warranty. There are no hidden charges attached to the machine when you buy. It is very simple to assemble and this really saves money. It provides a special warranty- 10-year warranty on resistance system, lifetime on frame.
An astounding thing is that it is such a machine that can give result in a short time. While consisting with the program I can sweat easily and see my result on the muscles. I can also work out to my favorite tunes by plugging in my MP3 player. It is always kept cool and comfortable no matter how I bend, flex or move with the integrated fan. The Life Fitness X8 Trainer is also far easier on the body than most exercise equipment. I am really pleased with it. This elliptical is really wonderful.