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The Green Bay Packers, the reigning world champs and undefeated 12-0 team, will lose to the Oakland Raiders this week. The Packers have any number of reasons why they should win, enough reasons in factContinue Reading Breaking Bad 's Walter White hasn't won yet. Season 4's loose ends will need fastidious tieing up, which will surely leave Walt in mortal danger continuously throughout Season 5. Here are some BreakingContinue Reading The beginning of the end of Breaking Bad 's Season 4 opens with Walt sprinting to Gus's car; he takes off the bomb stuck to the car's bottom. With the bomb in tow, he enters the hospital to ask JesseContinue Reading Black DEA cars pull up in front of Skylar's house. Skylar and Walt pack up their things to move into Hank's house with protective custody. However Walt will not be joining them in episode 12, the latestContinue Reading Doctors furiously prep an emergency room in the opening scene of Breaking Bad. Jesse drives up to a sketchy rural Mexican silo honking the horn, the doctors open Mike's door, but just let him fall,Continue Reading Bright, ambitious and painfully optimistic youth leaders, convened at the US Mission to the UN building this morning for a round table discussion titled "Youth Driving Change: Global Youth and Civic Engagement."Continue Reading Breaking Bad opens Episode 10 "Salud" in a majestic grass plain with Jesse, Mike and Gus (The three, best, friends... anybody could have). A biplane lands: Gus and Mike board, Jesse looks around andContinue Reading Breaking Bad opens with a bloody and wrinkled hand picking up a set of broken bifocals. The hand's owner pants for breath as blood drips onto his suede shoes. The same shoes without blood stainsContinue Reading Breaking Bad's "Hermanos," episode 8 of season 4, starts off with an extra long review which primes the audience for the dirt on Gus and the cartel. In a flashback Gus gives the cartel twins' uncleContinue Reading Breaking Bad's new episode opens with Jesse killing video game zombies in his still haggard, but tweeker-free apartment. Visions of Gale pop into his head in place of the zombies from Rage , then anContinue Reading Contrary to Monday's reports from rebel forces, Gadhafi's son Seif al-Islam remains at large. Early Tuesday, August 24th, in Tripoli, Libya, the heir apparent to the falling Gadhafi regime made a publicContinue Reading The opening scene of Breaking Bad's sixth installment of season four mimics the opening scene of last week. Breaking Bad fans collectively hold their breath thinking: "Oh no, is this a rerun?" No!Continue Reading The fifth episode of AMC's Breaking Bad Season 4 opens with Walt driving recklessly in his Pontiac Aztec. Walt wields his car as a weapon through pedestrian littered streets. All, while on the phone,Continue Reading "Bullet Holes" opens with everyone's favorite goon of "Breaking Bad," Mike, uncomfortably stowed away in a refrigerated truck. Mike cocks his gun ready to blast away somebody, but unexpectedly an argumentContinue Reading In the opening scene of Breaking Bad 's Episode 3 Walt feels like a monster using Gale's coffee machine. He looks up and spots the new Gale, a video camera. Skylar bangs on Walt's door and demandsContinue Reading After Boehner's Debt Ceiling Bill stalled in the House of Representatives last night, Boehner added a Balanced Budget Amendment to garner votes from the Tea Party. Boehner's pre-amendment plan allowedContinue Reading The new season of Breaking Bad cranks up the drama, intensity, frustration and mystery in the second episode, titled "38-snub-nose." The character development makes the show so powerful. Everyone'sContinue Reading The much-anticipated episode has arrived! Last season left all fans of AMC's Breaking Bad gasping for more and collectively moaning 'awwwww' as the third season came to a close. A quick review ofContinue Reading At the premire of her movie "The Undefeated" Sarah Palin told reporters she remains undecided on whether she will run for the GOP nomination. Unfortunately for Sarah Palin's campaign, her daughterContinue Reading Obama plans to withdraw at least 10,000 troops from Afghanistan, the announcement should come Wednesday night. Is he doing what is best for the country or what is best for his re-election? Is there anythingContinue Reading As golf takes the sports spotlight this US Open weekend, critics of politicians who play golf have come out of the woodwork. What was once a proud game, recent negative public opinion of politicians golfersContinue Reading In the aftermath of "Weinergate," another politician's public image has crumbled, the media has had a field day and the his fellow congressmen and women have curtailed their Twitter use . Out of embarrassmentContinue Reading Is Romney's association with the LDS a deal breaker? Will Romney be able to transcend Mormon stereotypes and whoever stands in his way? America's separation of church and state began as a plea of ThomasContinue Reading Is the Sarah Palin bus avoiding the media out of fear? Or does she make a valid point that the media too often twists a candidate's words? Why does she neglect to tell the media if she's running for president?Continue Reading