James' Kids

Sorry I haven't been on here in a few days. I had my doctor's appt on Jan 4th. He said that what I'm describing is completely normal for women who've had my type of surgery. Everything's healing just fine, and I won't have to go back again until it's time for my annual check-up. That's a relief. I've been feeling a lot better since... 
Now we're focusing on getting ready for my step-son's arrival. He's bought his plane ticket and is coming in on the 25th. We're so excited now, because we know he's really coming. It's going to be so great having James' son with us because we so rarely get time with them. James has missed his kids something terrible. Since they've graduated from school, they've been too busy with their friends, and lives, to come back this way. We've tried to go down there, but the one time we went for a 3 day weekend, we wound up only getting to spend a couple hours with them, having dinner, on Saturday and Sunday nights. I think their mother interfered with with our time together, and we couldn't see spending $1000 on flight, hotel and food if we weren't going to get any real time with them.
We plan to drive down to the Grand Canyon this summer. It's about 6 hours from where his daughter (and granddaughter) still lives. We figure we'll be able to get her to join us for the weekend. We'll get an extra hotel room. That way, we'll get her away from Albuquerque, and be able to spend some real time with them. It will be worth the money then. His granddaughter is so wonderful. She's a charmer. She's just like James. She's so open and friendly, she let James hold her just a couple minutes after meeting him for the first time! She was 3 at the time. We can't wait to see them again.