James Franco Joins Indie Flick SPRING BREAKERS; Emma Roberts May Co-Star [UPDATED]

James Franco has signed on to Harmony Korines indie film Spring Breakers. The plot centers on four college girls who rob a fast food joint so they afford to go on spring break in Florida. To shock of no one, the idiotic plan fails and the girls get arrested. Theyre bailed out by Francos character, Alien, a rapping drug and arms dealer who bails them out and entices them to kill his arch-rival, a murderer who is appropriately named Arch. Variety adds that Emma Roberts is in talks to play one of the co-eds, Candy, a southern brunette who feeds off danger. If the plot doesnt devolve into an over-stylized quirk pile, Spring Breakers sounds like it could be a fun little flick. Franco will shoot his part over the course of two http://free-shemale-webcams.easyxblogs.com - free shemale webcams - weeks during spring break in Florida.Franco recently dropped out of The Iceman, and is currently shooting on Sam Raimis blockbuster Wizard of Oz prequel/re-imagining, Oz, The Great and Powerful. Hell next be seen in the indies Maladies, The Stare, and Cherry. Hes also expected to star in Seth Rogens directorial debut, The Apocalypse (formerly Seth and Jay vs. The Apocalypse). [Update: Variety has updated their story to add that Disney Channel alums Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez are also in talks to join the cast.]