J And G Transmissions in Salt Lake City, UT Provides Quality Transmission Rebuild Services

Murray UT, 22-September-2016 -- Vehicle maintenance can be expensive and difficult to keep up with, especially when the transmission is involved. J & G Transmissions specialize in Salt Lake City UT Transmission Repair. They offer a special for retail customers who mention the deal before a service is completed. The special offer features $125.00 off of a transmission overhaul or rebuild service. Read on for two important reasons it may be in your best interest to have your transmission rebuilt.

Time Is of the EssenceĀ 

Many vehicle owners believe it is better to have a new transmission put in their vehicle, but when time is a factor, having a new transmission placed in a vehicle is not ideal. Having a transmission rebuilt is a better option if you are short on time. You may have to work, attend school, and do a lot of other things during the week, all of which is impossible to do without a vehicle. Installing a new transmission can take as long as one week or longer to complete, whereas a transmission rebuild can take as little as three days to complete.

Financial Matters

If you are trying to budget, rebuilding your transmission is definitely the best option. Installing a new transmission could cost thousands of dollars you do not have to spend. Rebuilding your transmission is a more appealing option because it is less expensive. Instead of spending thousands of dollars installing a new transmission, you can save thousands of dollars by choosing to rebuild your transmission. With all of your other expenses, such as household bills, saving money is always a good thing.

Most of the time, rebuilding your transmission is the best option, but in some cases, it may be best if other measures are taken for your transmission. Consult a mechanic before you make your final decision regarding your vehicle's transmission. You may be surprised at the amount of money you can save and still have a vehicle to drive without any hassles or problems.

Are you experiencing problems with your transmission? If you are not sure, a few indications your transmission needs professional care include, problems shifting gears, engine idling high, check engine light is on, transmission leak and slow acceleration may become an issue. J&G Transmissions specialize in Salt Lake City UT transmission repair and offer many affordable solutions.

J&G Transmissions understand that times are hard for everyone, but mishaps and bills do not stop because of mishaps. There are a few different ways J&G Transmissions help you get things done, including, providing free 24-hour towing, free computer scan, warranties, same day services for many services, and a variety of financing and payment options. They proudly serve SLC, Murray and Utah counties. A few specialty services of J&G Transmissions include electrical work, wiring and fleet repair and air conditioning repair. The vehicles they service include SUV's, cars, trucks, motor homes, hybrids, rock crawlers, 4x4's, RV's and antique collectable cars.

When you need your transmission serviced, J&G Transmissions are ready to help. Contact them today by calling (801) 262-2321 or visiting their website.

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