It Was Not The Place To Get Clean.

He Phoned His Sister For Help.
One of the hardest things in life is to say, please help,' said Awad Awad. And when you come to the point where you come to the person you trust the most in life and say, please help, thats a step in the right direction The eldest Awad brother was living in Nevada and working as an adjunct professor of Arabic studies. He remembers when he found out about Mohammads arrest. Having grown up, having been born and raised in the United States, he said, and having been the first to experience discrimination because of our heritage and various different instances the first thing that came to mind was: Here we go again, his name is Mohammad, the think they caught the smoking gun. Awad Awad figures theres no way that his brothers ethnicity did not factor into the arrest. Mohammad agrees. The elder Awad urged Mohammad to leave Albuquerque in favor of Las Vegas. But Sin City was familiar territory to Mohammad, who partied there in the years following high school. It was not the place to get clean. Mohammad Awad now lives with one of his sisters in a suburban Atlanta apartment thats home to her and her husband, their four children, Mohammad, his brother, Awad and, for a time, his other brother, Bilal.

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