It's been three weeks since my husband died

It's been three weeks since my husband died. I miss him sooooo much!
I miss talking with him. I miss praying with him. I miss everything we used to do together. We did everything together. Now things have to change.
I'm very grateful to have such a wonderful family. My son has been by my side through all of this.
And a lady friend of the family..who I hardly ever spent the time of day with..has been there for me. She put up a fundme sight and had money donated to me. That was so sweet of her. And she catered all the food and drinks for Raymond's memorial. 
She has also has called me every day to just check in if I need anything. I didn't ever expect that she'd be such a good friend. I thank God for her.
When my husband passed social security took all the money we had...which left me with no income. So I got on food stamps. And I' m going to try to get my disability.
I had no money to pay for Raymond's funeral ...but my brothers got together and paid for everything. So through all of this God has got my back.
I know that I will be okay. Because God will never abandon me or forsake me. He is my refuge and my strength.