It is with because I wanted to have lighter

Such a case example, it is with me, because I wanted to have lighter and shorter hair, following the example of my wife who has tried some years ago for me because they themselves sometimes found it quite exciting. In addition, I was able to try an even shorter hair length (about chin length), what I've always wanted to see my wife, but was never allowed to see, because my wife wants to go from one's own feel-good factor more in the direction long hair back, while now some time Shoulder length had :) - In addition, the wig is even slightly lighter than the dyed hair of my wife. Basically me "Lucia" my unmet Hair Fetish can now provide so. My wife wants to not only again have longer hair, but also again have her dark hair back, because it has now found from the many color treatments that existed over the years that their hair feels very broken and rough. However, I had a man never a great idea of women's hair or their care, so honestly I am, and could for the first time through the acquisition of "Manga Babe Kiko" (ie my "Lucia" still with the old Manufacturer hair) compare and find that unhealthy broken hair my wife almost feels like the supplied Kiko wig. From there it was clear that my wife can no longer blond Stain / brighten, but much of their natural color should take, where the color of the offspring of the hair does not matter, and the hair will continue to grow until it is replaced completely natural and completely. After a few times my wife cutting tip can then be aware of growing again. This gives my Manga Babe Kiko called "Lucia / Lucy" a new meaning and a more special role, she is my "spare blonde" because my wife unfortunately can no longer be blond. My wife has this word "substitute blonde" incidentally invented and helped me Choosing the wig for "Lucy".