Is Your Website Slow To Load? Try Amazon CloudFront For A Better Speed!


Do you know, back in the 1990s, the WWW was translated to be the World Wide Wait by the regular internet users? It’s quite obvious why they did that.

We’re living in the era of high internet speed and so, it’s tough for us to realize how things were back in time. Well, if we talk about internet speed, things were not quite right!

Even the web pages designed by the best web development company of that time would take ages to load. That ended up with the users being frustrated. If you’re sent to the same world, would you be patient enough to wait for a web page to load in more than 20 seconds? No, of course not! You wouldn’t even try to open or reload it again. It would simply be abandoned.

And that’s exactly what happens with the web pages having a slow load time in today’s high-speed digital world. If your website doesn’t load in the first 4 seconds – Abandoned!

Website Speed Optimization

To save your website from being abandoned because of its slow load speed, the Website Speed Optimization comes to the rescue.

While designing and developing your website, your web developers might overlook the load time of your webpages. And that’s where they’re making a big mistake.

Since the very beginning of getting a website developed, the developers must incorporate the principles of speed optimization with every page. This way, the overall speed of your website can be improved.

It has been seen that the elements like server side scripts, performance enhancement plugins, and other custom changes might bring a noticeable change to your website’s load speed.

So, the website speed optimization must be considered as an important factor while a website is still being developed.

One of the latest and most effective web service introduced by the digital behemoth – Amazon for website speed optimization is the CloudFront.

Let’s have a look at how this service can help you boost your website’s speed:

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront or AWS CloudFront is a web service introduced by Amazon to help businesses and web developers with the distribution of their web content. With CloudFront, you’re able to distribute your content with a high data transfer speed and a low latency.

This Content Distribution Network (CDN) makes use of the worldwide edge location network of users to deliver the content to them. With the help of AWS CloudFront, as the network latency is reduced and the throughput is comparatively increased, it’s easier for your website to transfer data in a short period of time. So, the data like files, images, videos, text, or app downloads and data in the form of .php, .html, .css, etc., is easily transferred over the internet with a faster speed.

As the content of your website is made available quickly and closely to your end-users, it helps in lowering down your costs.  

With the help of AWS CloudFront, your content is speedily delivered globally through different interlinked data centers called the edge locations. The user who requests your content through CloudFront is channelized to an edge location where the latency of your data is low, and thus, the data is delivered with a faster speed and a better performance.

CloudFront allows low latency of your content, helping you with an effective website speed optimization. And not only with speed but the AWS CloudFront benefits you in many other ways too. Let’s have a look at the benefits provided by this web service:

  • Easy and Quick

CloudFront is a web service that comes with a very interactive and simple interface. So, you or your asp. Net web development company can start with this system within a time period of about 30 minutes.

When it comes to pacing up with the latest digital trends, there is no time to waste or deal with complex tasks and CloudFront complies with this fact!

  • Location Tracking

With AWS CloudFront, you’re able to gain the insights on the geographical location of your end-users.

These insights can be utilized in the future to target your audience for your products and services. If you get to know about the location from where maximum users are requesting the content from your website, you can easily target your next marketing campaigns at that area.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

For using up the services offered by CloudFront, you only have to pay for the data being transferred and the requests actually used. Thus, you can save a lot of your money.

Also, as this web service is cloud-based, you need not set it up in different locations. Set up your AWS CloudFront in one location and you’re good to go, globally!

With these amazing features and benefits, the CloudFront by Amazon has turned out to be one of the best services for website speed optimization.

Not only does this service optimize your web content for a faster delivery, but it also benefits you in many other ways. So, if your website is performing poorly lately, the AWS CloudFront is your answer to the problem.

To get your CloudFront set up by professionals, you can hire the best web development company around you.

Remember: no one has got the time for a slow website! So, always take care of that, else you’ll be abandoned.