Is Weight-loss Hurting Your Relationship?

On the flip side, 24 percent say that they would be bothered if their partner gained weight, and 55 percent said they might be bothered, depending on how much weight he or she gained. Overall, it's easy to see that weight can play a heavy role in your relationship If you feel like your relationship may be under strain because of your weight-loss efforts, there are some general warning signs to look for. Typically, these types of actions are rooted in something larger than the direct issues, so it's important to understand them fully to know where your partner's or your feelings are coming from. In general, the "why" of a behavior comes from deep-seated emotion of which you or your partner may not even be aware. For just that reason, we've added an "emotional why" section to each warning sign exploring the emotion that might be behind these behaviors. Because we know how important support is to reaching your goals, we've included some action tips on how to improve whatever situation you may be facing. This way, you can find a way to maintain your healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the health of your relationship. 5 Signs Weight Loss is Hurting Your Relationship (and What to Do about It) 1. Your partner makes negative statements about you changing. SparkPeople member SULYLE admits that weight loss hasaffected her marriage. At 5 feet6 inches, she's 13 pounds from her goal weight of 140 pounds (that's a BMI of 22.6, considered a "healthy" range for her height). Still, she says that she gets comments from her husband and his family that she's "skinny" and needs to stop losing weight. She's from the Dominican Republic, where curvier women are considered beautiful, but she doesn't feel attractive at her current size. SULYLE's story isn't that unusual. Your significant other may make other negative comments about your own weight loss or changing body because it signals change. And change is scary for your other half. click for more

Tom Arnolds 89 Lb Drastic Weight Loss: Going Too Far?

Mon, March 10, 2014 11:20am EDT by HL Intern 2 Comments Getty Tom Arnold showed off his crazy weight loss at the South by Southwest Film Festival premiere of Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordonin Texas on March 9. This dramatic change has shocked everyone and we have all the details right here! Click to read more below. Tom Arnold , 55, left our mouths wide open on March 9. He practically lost a person has he gone too far? What do you think about his drastic weight loss? Tell us below. Tom Arnolds Weight Loss Shows Off 89 Pound Loss At SXSW So what sparked Toms weight loss? He was inspired by his son Jax Copeland Arnold,who was born in April 2013. After struggling to conceive a child with his fourth wife, Ashley Groussman, he knew he had to change his lifestyle to keep in shape and stay alive to see little Jax grow up. Tom told TMZ: My son is already cursed with an old dad, so he doesnt deserve to have a fat dad, too. He achieved this crazy weight loss with the help of his friend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who turned into his personal trainer. Toms tells He really cares He means well, but its very intimidating.By him just looking at you when youre working out, you feel very insecure He jams his big meaty finger into your belly. We would definitely feel the same way if Mr. Schwarzenegger was OUR personal trainer. Tom started eating healthier as well as exercising cardio and circuit training. He also took Muscle Pharm supplements made by his personal trainer. We think it is absolutely amazing of Tom to be that dedicated to his son, however, do you think he lost too much weight, HollywoodLifers? official website