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A request to declare the marriage null presupposes that the marriage was invalid or null from the beginning. Legally, it may be said the union didn't exist. However there are really so many questions about this dilemma like, do in case your union did not exist from the start, you have to file the Petition? The responses that you have been searching for can be found below.
Q. What are the reasons to declare the marriage void?
GTALAW: The grounds to declare the marriage void are as follows:
1. Those contracted by any party below eighteen years of age despite the permission of guardians or parents;
2. Those solemnized unless such unions were contracted with either or both parties believing in good faith that the solemnizing officer had the legal authority to do so, by any person not lawfully authorized to perform unions;
3. Unless exempted by law, those solemnized without permit.
4. Those bigamous or polygamous unions.
5. Those contracted through mistake of one contracting party regarding the identity of the other;
6. Assuming that you caused the annulment of your first marriage. Nevertheless, you get married instantly without waiting for issuance of the End Decree of Annulment. The Court can also voids your second union.
9. Unions between relatives:
b. between stepparents and step-children;
c. between parents-in-law and kids-in-law;
e. between the surviving spouse of the adopting
parent as well as the adopted child;
child along with the adopter;
G. between an adopted kid and and a legitimate
I. between parties where one, with the intention to
marry the other, killed the other person's
Spouse, or her or his very own spouse.
Q. It was also affirmed when I confronted my husband about this. Do I have to file a Request? Can I additionally file a criminal case against my husband? Can a criminal case against me file?
GTALAW: The law requires you to get a declaration - nullity law - of absolute nullity of your marriage by filing a request in court although your marriage was null from start. Yes, you can also file a criminal case for Bigamy against your husband. Yes, a criminal case for bigamy may file against your husband and you. But your defense is absence or deficiency of knowledge regarding his past marriage or absence of criminal intent.
Q. What occurs if I'll get married without having my first marriage declared void?
GTALAW: Your second marriage will soon be invalid for being bigamous. The sad thing is, you'll be facing another criminal case for bigamy
in so far as your second marriage can be involved.
Q. Is there a time limit for me to file a Request to declare the marriage void?
GTALAW: The actions to declare the marriage void shall not prescribe. Significance, you can file the request anytime during your life.
Q. My lawyer told me that my second marriage was null from the beginning. Because the Court has already issued a Choice declaring my first marriage void from the start I entirely disagreed. I also showed him the Court Decision and an Entry of Judgment from the exact same Court. But my attorney insists that my second marriage was null because I failed to obtain a final decree of annulment from the Court? Is my lawyer correct?
GTALAW: Yes, your attorney is not incorrect. It appears to us before you can validly contract a second marriage, that you have not completed the procedure. You should have brought the Court Decision and Entry of Judgment for record at the Local Civil Registrar
Union was recorded. After the record, you need to have gone back to the Court to reveal evidence that the Court files were recorded in the Local Civil Registrar. The Court will issue a Final Decree of Annulment. Since you neglected to follow this procedure, your second marriage is null.