Is it possible to have a child friendly zone free of adult content?

I thought about recategorisation - and might still do that. However it's been a successful lens since 2007 and started off in the art category. However for most of that time it was located in the books category - probably because people who want a book look under books! Obvious really. I think the last pragraph also provides the answer to your speculation about the purpose of this hub. The lens/hub has been around since 2007 i.e. a lot longer than my book which is not even published! Some 11 months ago I was commissioned by a leading publisher to write a book about drawing and sketching - and it was sent to print the day before the announcement about the transfer. (Incidentally I really don't need to use the hub to 'advertise' my book - my blog and Facebook Page will be doing that! The mention of the book relates to "author validation". I'm sure you've come across the notion! ) I think one of the reasons I was asked to write the book is because I'm actually well known for writing about drawing and sketching. Which probably explains the traffic my lens - and now hub - gets. More to the point it's why I'm very concerned about the nature - Britney Young - of the other hubs which appear on this particular hub.I've already got a domain name and a website set up all ready to go if it doesn't work out her on HubPages. I'm just waiting to see what the stats and conversions look like - and the nature of the other hubs that appear on my hub. I can take it elsewhere if I'm not convinced this is the right place for this content to be.I'm personally very puzzled as to how hubs which have to remove all their Adsense adverts can then appear on another hub - which does have AdSense adverts. That sounds like a complete nonsense to me.