Is eating one meal a day healthy?

Anorexia actually implies "the insufficient appetite - regarding whatever reason. = = = = = No, I wouldn't think it over to be anorexia nervosa, however. I only understand any hand-full of people who have problems with that, as well as together with these it's usually "eat-vomit-eat-vomit-eat-vomit". = = = = = First off, I am not just a medic, consequently please just take every little thing I say with a grain of salt (pun intended), because it may not connect with the physique. 1. With Regard To days gone by 5 many years I've just eaten 1 meal each day (usually dinner), with an further 500g of yoghurt as well as 1 effervescent vitamin-tablet (or a new 150g smoothie or perhaps milk shake, alternitively). 2. I'm getting my bloodwork carried out twice each year. 3. I exercise 1 hour per day - minimum. That getting said, neither my body, nor my doctor - or perhaps my disposition - get given me any signs of concern; towards the contrary! In Which is why I personally believe inside a mixture of qualitative (as against quantitative) nutrition-intake and also 8 hrs of sleep each day - zero matter from what time, yet using the same routine each along with every day. = = = = = I think that if you stay slightly above your RDA, and spend focus on acquiring your current Vitamins, Minerals, Fibres, Carbs especially Proteins, then you will be better than fine. The Actual notion that certain would need to divide the particular meal over the day for it to become absorbed "better" seems absurd in order to me. (where would it go otherwise? Evaporate? Degrade?) I presuppose which it's just a hardship on some to aid keep tabs on what they eat, or just don't like sensation not-full. (for the actual record: my abdomen in no way grumbles together with - Lose Weight Fast - hunger.) Oh, and for those who say "Breakfast will always be the most important meal of the day! - Within the army we had just coffee within our breakfast-ration. An Individual consider they may be stupid and also favor weakened soldiers? (It's 'cuz eating enables you to lazy regarding an hour or so as well as two..) Just take excellent care of what you ingest plenty regarding H2O; no less than 2 liters per - - day - 4 liters when exercising. Keep lower around the salt (replace with assorted garden herbs) and appear out regarding "hidden" sugars. LogiK!