Is DeVry University a big rip-off designed to steal money from those still clinging to the American

I called Devry many times to inquire about going there. I went to their website and I was impressed by the testimonials and how everything was very compelling. It looked like a credible school to me. They talk a good game on their website. I was interested in the multi-media program. Anyways, I went in and spoke to their counselors - proactol plus discount code - 2 or 3 times on different occasions and at a few different campuses. I was doing my homework to see if what they tell me is consistent. Here is what I found about Devry. In my honest opinion, I would stay away from this school like the plague. There goal is to enroll you in - reviews of proactol plus - the school and get you through financial aid as quickly as possible. It is all about numbers. The counselor that I spoke to the first time is no longer there. The 2nd time I went there. That guy is no longer there. They have a revolving door of admission counselors. That is a red flag right there. They are expected to enroll students or they get the ax. I was pitched very effectively by the admissions rep and they even called me many times. I felt like I was being pressured to buy something I didn't really want. I filled out the financial aid paperwork but I never went to class and ended up not signing the loan docs. Thank God. I had a guy feeling about this place from the time I stepped in there. Everyone was under pressure and uneasy. Devry University is a diloma mill with a high price. It's like buying a Honda for $50,000 instead of $20,000. There goal is to extract as much money from you as they can. I honestly believe that. Now weather you can get a job after graduation or how their curriculum is - I honestly can't predict that. But - proactol weight loss - I would not say it is going to end up good. I truly doubt their education is great like they brag. And I truly doubt you will graduate and be able to find a top finding job. You will be riddled with student loan debt and be at some job making $38k or $40k a year if you are lucky. It is not worth the - where can i buy proactol plus - price. STAY AWAY FROM DEVRY AND GO TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY. It is a lot cheaper and safer.