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As a new platinum-selling country music artist and, much more importantly, any lifelong fan with the genre, I'd such as to transmit out this heartfelt plea to the gatekeepers with the industry:Enough already.I'd prefer to think that I'm expressing what nearly every artist, musician and also songwriter (with possibly a few exceptions) thinks when I contend that the Bro' Nation phenomenon must cease.It has had its run for better or worse and it's occasion regarding Nashville to get back again for you to producing, plus more importantly promoting, good singers vocal real songs. It's period for country songs to discover its identity once more before it's lost forever.Disposable, forgettable audio has been an order involving the day regarding very some time now and it's moment regarding in which for you to stop.I know, I operate the particular chance of becoming defined as the "has-been, carrying sour grapes" by simply speaking out. Nothing could possibly be further in the truth. I had my operate through 1991 until 2002 and also I'm very thankful for that.I have more hits as compared to I could quite possibly play in a single concert. I had my day and also I do not really begrudge anyone having theirs.But as somebody who was raised loving and also becoming forever affected through the true greats of country music, I just have in order to give up this plea to the Nashville country music industry to reclaim the actual identity along with poetic greatness that when has been our format. The Particular well-written poetic term associated with the united states song features disappeared.There appears to become not the actual slightest attempt to "say" anything additional rather than repeat the particular tired, overused mantra regarding redneck party boy in his truck, partying within mentioned truck, hoping to obtain lucky inside the cab of said truck, and his awesome greatest possible achievement in life is usually to carry on being actually along with emotionally attached for the aforementioned truck as almost all things in life must as well as must take place in his, an individual guessed it...truck.I didn't mind the initial two or even 3 hundred versions of those gems nevertheless I believe we could all agree chances are in which everything's been stated in regards in order to a redneck and the truck, that may possibly be said. The idea can be time to move upon for the next subject. any subject, anything in all.Willie Nelson once wrote throughout his early song, "Shotgun Willie," that will "you can't make a record in the wedding you ain't got nothing to say." Apparently, that can be not the case anymore.Disposable, forgettable music may be an order of the afternoon with regard to fairly some time now along with it's occasion pertaining to that for you to stop.Our beautiful, time-honored genre, has devolved through lines like, "I'd trade most involving my tomorrows for just one single yesterday ... holding Bobby's entire body subsequent to mine," and also "a canvas covered cabin, inside a crowded labor camp be noticeable within this memory I revive. Trigger my Daddy raised a loved ones group there together with a pair of hard operating hands....and attemptedto feed my Momma's hungry eyes," as any result of "Can I get a Yee Haw?"And your aforementioned Truck! "Come in slide all of them jeans on up within my truck! Let's obtain down and also dirty inside muh truck, doggone it I just obtain off riding throughout muh truck, I adore ya honey, but not around muh truck!" Oh as well as we may not leave out the beautiful prose regarding partying in the area or perhaps pasture.Now I'm certainly not stating most songs ought to become able to be somber ballads or perhaps regarding heavy, profound emotional subject matter. Upon the particular contrary, great fun, rockin', party songs, describing the approach to life involving blue collar country folk have often been a staple of the actual genre. Yet compare for a moment the particular poetic, "middle American Shakespeare" infused lyrical prose involving classics just like Hank Williams' "Jambalaya" or perhaps Hank Jr's "All My Rowdy buddies are usually coming over tonight" or Garth Brooks' "I've got pals in Reduced Places" or even his "Ain't heading down till the sun's rays arrives up" towards the likes of contemporary offerings just like "That's My Kinda Night," or any of one other 300 additionally songs through latest many years that repeat the exact same task in virtually the precise exact same way. It's like researching a Rolls Royce to a ten speed.Finally, I'm not pointing a new finger at the artists and particularly not really the particular songwriters. They're just carrying out what they possess to do to make any living.It's the significant label execs, the movers along with shakers, your people that control what is shoved down radio's throat, that I am calling out. They Will possess the power as well as capacity to create dedication to create records in which maintain the legacy involving country audio alive, along with reclaim an excellent genre's identity.Who knows? some of those Bro' country guys could sometimes be awesome singers together with prospective being excellent artists! Nevertheless we'll by absolutely no means know, so long as they're encouraged through the market to carry on being redneck flavors with the day.It's not really fair for them or to anyone.Thankfully you will find the handful regarding artists on the actual market presently who're attempting to keep integrity inside the mainstream. Miranda Lambert will be among them. You will find several other people but not practically enough to become able to rescue your terminally ill format.It must commence with the gatekeepers. Your true fans involving country music deserve absolutely nothing less.The artists involving my era knew we weren't as cool or even great because the true greats regarding the past yet we do attempt to maintain to a normal which they'd set, that built as well as sustained the particular Nashville sector along with really created nation audio an American artwork form.It requirements to become like that once again.God Bless Hank Williams. God Bless George Jones.